Back in action

There has been a fall, a winter, and even a change of hour for summer time since last. The project of Neorigins has celebrated its’ first birthday (in march), we have started to sell our dried plants in a couple of new places, and now we are finally ready to take on the blog again. Welcome to follow us more regularly from now on!

This year the winter don’t seem to be entirely willing to let go. Here in the mountains of Auvergne it still makes me put on my long johns every morning, and not once I have even taken them of by midday yet. Furthermore it hailed this morning!

I think it’s great that we have had a real winter though. The cold cleans what needs to be frozen away in the ground, the frost exploses those soaked lumps of clay that we struggle to eliminate, and the snow has brought some well needed humidity as well.

That being said, the spring is more than welcome by now! The fact is that in matters of the vegetation, we are a whole month late compared to last year (the spring of 2017 being unusually warm on an early stage though). According to my dated notes from the wild-picking, I had both raspberry leaves and stinging nettle by this time last year, while these past two weeks I have been struggling even to find dandelion leaves !

Things start to slowly come around now though and I have good hope for all the seedlings hiding away in the greenhouses. I have waited and been starting of late this year, but since our greenhouses aren’t heated in any way, I prefer not to be too early. I still managed to sow cauliflower (in February) that waited indoors for too long, and ended up as tall, thin and pale. I finally restarted a new round yesterday.

We have also installed a whole new greenhouse which will be used as a nursery for replanting seedlings directly in the earth before final transplantation, and started the project of building a herb dryer. It will be a bussy spring!

Well, that was a small update to what’s going on around here. We’ll get more into details soon! Have a nice week everyone!

PS. For those in proximity of Ambert (63600), we will give a tasting of some of our infusions at the store “LE BIO SENS”, situated at 25 Rue de la Filètererie, tomorrow the 10 april, 15.00-18.00. Welcome!


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