Perfect weather

Today I woke up to another wet day. Yesterday was already a day of rain and thunderstorm, and half of the day before too… I wouldn’t be able to do any plant-picking today either. Meanwhile the herb-dryer is empty and I have a few demands waiting for the newly harvested plants of the moment. A bit stressed by these thoughts I went out after a longer breakfast than usual.

And what did I notice? Well, that the rain had seized and become soft microscopic drops suspended in the air, floating around, creating a dense fog making the air pleasantly easy to breath. That the humidity seemed to give the fresh raspberry-leaves a glowing green and that nature all around seemed to be as beautiful as ever swept in by the soft mountain mist.

PAUSE. Rest. Appreciation, Meditation, Strength in recumbence, Simply being, LIFE. These are just some words that come up in my mind. And also: Important

It was a simple, yet so powerful moment. These little things seemed to fill me with the immensity of Life. It reminded me of how I often have I hard time just Being instead of Doing, and of how important the Being is to the balance.

By observing, I notice the immobility, the patience, the meditation of life around me. Forever living in the present moment. Nature in its eternal meditation.

Thank you. I marvel at this miracle of balance, and all of a sudden I feel my inner strength and value coming forward. I no longer feel little and stressed about what I should or could be doing in other conditions. I feel how every living thing is valuable by just Being. Taking time to appreciate, only doing a few “practically useful” things of my day and RECHARGING is just what I need to do. The weather is perfect.

Wishing you all a nice afternoon!

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