p1010567This blog is written by two passionated gardeners/wild pickers, Therese Rosén Häggman and Jason Gallon. With the intention to contribute to a highly energetic life on earth we created Neorigins in 2017.
It’s more than a project. It integrates many of our greatest interests, like being in nature, sharing our experiences/knowledge and learning even more! Besides the website (which you can see here) the project also includes this blog. Here we air everything between gardening & plants, to nutrition and personal / spiritual growth, which are other important parts of our lives.

Neorigins allows us to work in the greatest of places – in the middle of nature, harvesting wild medicinal plants, and to grow our own vegetables, fruits and berries within our permaculture garden. Since we started we have learnt so much, and it gives us even more pleasure having the opportunity to share some of the lessons with you!


At home; in France, we started our own micro-permaculture project in march 2016, situated in the natural parc of Livradois-Forez, close to the village of Grandrif (63600). At around 1000 m of altitude we live surrounded by a beautiful nature that provides us a wide range of edible and medicinal plants.

Being a Swedish / French couple living in France, we also have the great opportunity to spend a part of each year in some of the most untouched parts of northern Sweden. Each time we go, we bring back some of the most nutritionally dense wild plants you can find, as well as a big calm, and in our hearts, a bit of the vastness we are surrounded by up there.

We are both self educated in wild and cultivated medicinal plants and we have brought together what we are passionate about, to put our part into developing a greater world. We strongly believe in the vibratory healing effect of the medicinal plants that we work with, for the simple reason that plants and humans are based on the same vibratory level.

By following our hearts intentions, combining ancient natural wisdom with the new understanding and techniques of todays world,  we wish to make old sens meet new ways. We like to think of it as going back to a new origin.