Perfect weather

Perfect weather

Today I woke up to another wet day. Yesterday was already a day of rain and thunderstorm, and half of the day before too… I wouldn’t be able to do any plant-picking today either. Meanwhile the herb-dryer is empty and I have a few demands waiting for the newly harvested plants of the moment. A bit stressed by these thoughts I went out after a longer breakfast than usual.

And what did I notice? Well, that the rain had seized and become soft microscopic drops suspended in the air, floating around, creating a dense fog making the air pleasantly easy to breath. That the humidity seemed to give the fresh raspberry-leaves a glowing green and that nature all around seemed to be as beautiful as ever swept in by the soft mountain mist.

PAUSE. Rest. Appreciation, Meditation, Strength in recumbence, Simply being, LIFE. These are just some words that come up in my mind. And also: Important

It was a simple, yet so powerful moment. These little things seemed to fill me with the immensity of Life. It reminded me of how I often have I hard time just Being instead of Doing, and of how important the Being is to the balance.

By observing, I notice the immobility, the patience, the meditation of life around me. Forever living in the present moment. Nature in its eternal meditation.

Thank you. I marvel at this miracle of balance, and all of a sudden I feel my inner strength and value coming forward. I no longer feel little and stressed about what I should or could be doing in other conditions. I feel how every living thing is valuable by just Being. Taking time to appreciate, only doing a few “practically useful” things of my day and RECHARGING is just what I need to do. The weather is perfect.

Wishing you all a nice afternoon!

A glimpse from the garden

Spring and beginning of the summer are periods of full activity both in nature and for us gardeners. Since Neorigins is quite a young project, we have been even more busy than usual by the fact of installing new cultures and opening up fresh soil. Other important activities for the moment being picking and drying wild medicinal plants, and adding some enjoyable side projects like making a hen house, we have passed an anything but boring spring! It’s been intense, but what a pleasure it is to see life coming around in all different shapes!

A picture explains more than a thousand words it is said, so here comes a glimpse from what’s been going on lately around Neorigins. 

It started like this at spring. The raised garden beds we have made for our vegetable cultures were in great shape and all ready for welcoming a new season. The outer circle is the oldest, and has already one summer season behind. It contains a core of big wood with branches and leaves put in layers on top, finishing with the growing soil and a protective mulch as the outer coating. Being that they are created quite recently, the winters rest made them well by allowing the beds to set, and all the micro organisms living in there to start working the material more seriously. This can really be seen at the surface on the thickness of the top straw layer that had reduced to only 1-2 cm. Another effect is that the winters snow, melting water and rain has started to be absorbed like a sponge on the inside of the beds, by the wood that is slowly starting to composte. All together making out a perfect supply of slowly released nutriments and a humidity for the plants of this summer!

This is how it looks at the moment:



Since we have added some new cultures of medicinal plants we have also been in the business of opening up new soil. This is how it has evolved:


To protect the naked soil and the freshly spread cow manure, the earth is quickly covered with straw.


Working the earth by hand is a gentle way of a preparing for new cultures. We use a broad-fork which means that worms and other shapes of life in the soil is less disturbed, and that the earth’s structure is kept in balance. It’s a sweaty exercise though!


Almost all planted! With a thick layer of straw the young plants barely emerge above the surface.

Young plants of French Marigold, Pansy and Borage are living side by side, and are peering at the world for the first time!

We have longed for some more company around since a while now, and since we have a perfect piece of land in nice half-shade at the very top of our terrain we decided to make reality of the hen-house-plans. When we started working at this spot there was only a huge pile of plant covered rocks – a rest of the ancient ruin that is fallen since a long time now, and it will keep being a nice biotope for lots of animals and wildlife with it’s many rocks, wild herbs and humid area.


Hen house in construction

Other than gardening and building we keep picking and drying what the season offers. At the moment, Elderflowers are at their best in our surroundings, and may other of the medicinal plants that we work with are coming around too. Keep a look out for what will soon be available at the website!